A quick summary of who we are and what this site's about...

To all entrepreneurs, CEOs, business-owners, managers & inventors: this site is dedicated to offering useful information, tips and links that demystify the process of design and explain the benefits of employing professional Industrial Design.

There are many ways to incorporate design thinking into your business’ activities. Structured creativity and idea-generating sessions; development of detailed product specifications using 3D CAD; Rapid-prototyping techniques; the list goes on.

Many budding and seasoned product developers often shy away from engaging professional designers for fear of high fees, limited budgets, tight deadlines or perceived personality conflicts. Some organisations make the mistake of engaging graphics and advertising agencies to do the work of an Industrial Designer – and this can have major impacts on the quality, timing and budgetary outcomes – not to mention unmet expectations!

Just as there are different types of lawyers for different legal situations, there are also a range of design disciplines at your disposal. Whilst this site is dedicated to sharing information about the practice of Industrial Design, there will, from time to time, be discussions with & about other design disciplines so you can not only understand the difference, but also appreciate how numerous design disciplines can (and often, should!) come together during product development programs to deliver solutions to clients.

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We offer industrial design consulting services directly to FMCG, packaging, consumer and electronic products companies. If you have a project that could use some design input, please contact us