Presenting products in the best light!

Posted by on 7 Oct 2012

Walk into any home lighting store and you will see a myriad of lights on the roof, walls and floor displays – all illuminated to show you the ‘full effect’ and help you to select the right light for your home.

This style of display works for lights that are used in the same way at home, but not high output lights which are designed to be used in an underwater environment.  Pool owners want lights that create dazzling visual effects underwater. This requires both high light output and a range of intense colour options.  Looking at the same light out of water would be ‘blinding’ and uncomfortable – not the ideal in-store customer experience!

The Challenge:

Develop an intuitive, safe, and eye catching in-store display for ATOM light which demonstrates actual light performance, effectively communicates product benefits, and reduces reliance on floor sales staff.

The Timeline:

This project saw Spa Electrics’ collaborate closely with MANO Design in all aspects of the ATOM in-store display development over a 4-month duration.

The Design Process:

Initial stage of design processes was to identify key user functions & benefits of ATOM light and prioritise their relative importance. This criteria formed basis for functions included in physical design solution.

Illustration of initial concept

Design development leveraged MANO design’s experience in low volume manufacturing processes and broad local supplier network. Design solutions were developed in close consultation with manufacturers in order to optimise manufacturing efficiency.

Exploded view of manufacturing concept

Rough mechanical mock-ups were also constructed during development to test and refine ‘light chamber’ geometry to achieve optimal visual result.

Initial mechanical mockup of light chamber

By consulting with suppliers in early stages of development MANO was able to coordinate a ‘turnkey’ supply solution through our local manufacturing partners to tight launch deadlines. This included initial ‘pre-production’ samples for testing and approval prior to supply of finished boxed product ready for dispatch to retailers.

The Solution:

MANO’s design solution was to develop a single ‘multi-function’ in-store display unit. The use of ‘Design for manufacture’ principles allowed displays to be produced for just over half the cost of older displays, providing payback on design investment in approx. first 100 units.

The in-store display consists of following key elements:

  • A ‘light chamber’ with shrouded ATOM light to provide functional demonstrations cycling through available colour settings in approximately 15 seconds
  • Non-functional light housing mounted to graphic panel
  • Replaceable graphic panel for branding and product communication
  • Integrated brochure holder for ‘take-away’ customer offering

Light chamber

Inbuilt brochure holder


The benefits of this design solution over older Spa Electrics displays include:

LIGHT CHAMBER -  Chamber allows ‘full power’ light to be viewed indirectly providing accurate demonstration of light performance without blinding customers.
USER INTERACTION - User interaction is encouraged as display is activated by push button, light only stays illuminated while button is held down reducing operating temperatures and power consumption.
INBUILT BROCHURE HOLDER -  Holder provides ‘take-away’ to further educate customers reducing reliance on sales staff.
EASILY UPDATED - Removable graphic panels extend useable life by allowing for simple display updates in future.
SERVICING - Although there are no visible fasteners units are able to be fully dismantled for repair and servicing.

The introduction of ATOM series lights; supported by the ATOM in-store display have seen an overwhelming response from the market with a dramatic rate of product ‘take-up’ from pool builders and owners.

MANO enjoys a very close working relationship with Spa Electrics, and we are very proud to be associated with a company that proudly continues to support manufacturing in Australia.

Some of the other key elements in the ATOM marketing strategy designed by MANO will be posted soon….